Boot Hill

Boot Hill (working title) is a three book, illustrated fantasy-western novel set written by Michelle Webber and illustrated by Hunter Bonyun.

Lindsey Madoc kept his head down and his collar up as he boarded the train from Capitol to the Heart of the Splinters. As the train pulled from the station, jaw clenched and eyes shut, Lindsey counted the seconds, the minutes, the feet, the miles between him and those who would pursue him. As the train dragged violently to a stop, jaw clenched and eyes open, Lindsey's heart dropped.

"What we've got here is a good, old fashioned stick 'em up."

The gunman boarding the train could have stopped anywhere, spoken to anyone. "Your name," Finch demanded of Lindsey. "What is it?" Didn't he know what a bad hostage he would be? Didn't he know what was after him? Didn't he know the fire in his chest and the smoke in his throat would swallow him whole? He didn't think things could get any worse until he paused to think... that maybe he did.