Amaranthine Project: Avatar

Amaranthine Project: Avatar is a full colour comic by Stephan McGowan & Hunter Bonyun. Set during the high-strung emotional and mental backdrop of a decade-long war, Amaranthine Project explores the relationships, compromises and dissonance between the internalized constructs of the protagonist's culture and obligations with those of their sense of self and identity. The comic will be free to read online at www.project.com after publication.

"Dominique's world consists of a few small rooms and a window overlooking the secluded military base on which he is held as a prisoner of war. Kept for his scientific knowledge and alchemical skills, for years Dominique has lead his captors in intellectual circles, managing to keep the most terrible of his secrets to himself, until the arrival of a fellow prisoner, Cristofori. This peculiar young man turns all Dom's meticulously calculated plans on their head as Dom, adapting to this new variable and convinced that Crist is not what he appears, tries desperately to figure out the young man's agenda. Dom's paranoia runs higher than normal when his mysterious new roommate offers him a way out. "